When Chris first worked to register voters in 2004, he knew he wanted to get more involved. He learned Maine’s unique history and how the state has paved the way for voter enfranchisement. He’s proud of his state for making democracy accessible to people with same-day registration and prisoner voting. Eventually, Chris became a board member for both Maine Citizens for Clean Elections and the League of Women Voters of Maine.

His mission is to help make democracy function well, especially for everyday citizens. Some states have different voting policies that are regressive and make it difficult to vote, if not impossible, for certain groups of people. Chris wants to educate Mainers that we are a leader in the nation with Clean Elections and Ranked Choice Voting.

Voters from higher socio-economic backgrounds are typically well represented. Chris wants to build equity and better voter representation from all communities. By going directly to marginalized groups, we are working to level the playing field and take away power from Big Money in politics.

"Time and time again. We are the state at the spearhead of making democracy work. And I think it’s something that we should be proud of and should engage more people to take ownership of those ideals."