Micky comes from a country where voter suppression is real. When you lose the right to vote, she says, you lose your sense of dignity and the ability to vote for what's right. She believes in civic engagement, coming together as many voices, and using that connection to create change.

She wants her community to get involved and learn how to empower themselves. “I just want to let them know the way I feel when I go cast my vote.” As an immigrant and American, Micky wants others to know that they have a role to play in elections.

For immigrants and survivors of refugee crises, language barriers have an impact on a person’s understanding of local politics. She asks the younger generation to think about how they feel about voting, voter suppression, or empowering someone from a marginalized community. She hopes they take a stand and be a voice for their parents. Together, we can help each other translate, explain, and make choices during the voting process.

"I told them, if they don’t vote, then don’t come and blame. Don’t come and criticize. Because you have a choice. And if your [choice] is not the winner, then at least you tried. And keep on trying -- keep on trying. Don’t stop dreaming."