Engaging and Informing Voters


The leaders we elect make the decisions that affect us all -- our jobs, health care, energy costs, security, and more. The League helps you get registered, get to know the candidates and issues, and get out and vote.

Making Your Vote Count Brochure: This is a go-to guide for voting in Maine. Print and digital copies are available in the following languages:
     English ➤
     Espanol ➤
     Français ➤
     Arabic ➤
     Somali ➤

Welcoming New Citizens ➤ The League helps new citizens register to vote during Naturalization ceremonies. Learn about how you can get involved and volunteer. 

Neighbor to Neighbor Voting ➤  A project of the League designed to increase voter engagement and participation in our political process through canvassing neighborhoods with low voter participation. 

High School Voter Registration ➤ In Maine, high school students can pre-register from age 16. 

Resources for Voter Service ➤ A list of helpful resources for new voters. 

The Democracy Forum ➤ A monthly radio program on topics in participatory democracy on WERU-FM.

Founding Principles ➤ Highly recommended series from Bowdoin College on the theory and practice of government and democracy in the United States of America.

Links to other sites of interest ➤ Links to local government, federal government, and political parties.